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About Us

In order to study the interplay between virus and antibody, the Fofana Lab uses the SIV rhesus macaque model of HIV/AIDS. We assess immune response to vaccination or infection by conventional parameters, such as RNA viral load, antibody titer (ELISA), virus neutralization assay, B cell EliSpot, B cell dysfunction/phenotypes (by multiparameter flow cytometry).


We also use high throughput next generation sequencing to track the appearance of virus escape variants and to understand the evolution of immunoglobulin genes (IgG). Through phage display, we select viral-specific monoclonal antibodies and use genetic engineering to improve neutralizing potency of promising clones.


The mission of the Fofana Lab is to perform cutting-edge biological research in an inclusive, welcoming learning environment. To elucidate the molecular mechanisms of the immune response, we employ various genetic engineering techniques (such as phage display), construct novel immune assays (such as neutralization assays and ELISAs), and use next-generation sequencing to identify potent neutralizing antibodies.

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